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Integrate your Email and Your Social Media

Do you wish to open up your business or ideas to the world without having to incur marketing costs that barely achieve business or personal objectives? If yes, Prodigy Web Designs will walk with you throughout the transformation of your business by connecting you closer to your audience using a professional website. We integrate your email and your social media.

We ensure that your business uniqueness and creativity are featured in your online platform, boosting your brand. Our SEO-based websites will improve your personal and business popularity and extend boundaries in which you can offer services. Following are the main reasons why Prodigy Web Designs are the best at taking your business to the next level.

Trainings on various platforms

We appreciate that every business has its objectives, and to achieve them, a viable strategy must be in place. Using our experienced professionals, we take you through various platforms to choose the best suited for your business scenario. This is very helpful as the website or the forum can bring out the business image as it is on the physical site from the start.

We use the ZOHO mail platform

With the ZOHO mail client platform, professionalism is attained at a higher level. We can set an email that professionally bears your name and your site (, making it more compact to your business. It is essential to have such a common email that will also be used on your social media pages.

Prodigy Web Designs, also understand that security is critical to your online presence. The hosting of ZOHO is done on a secure, privacy-oriented, encrypted, and adds a free platform with top-notch 24/7 data center surveillance. With end-to-end message encryption, nothing can stop you now from achieving your goals. Make this smart move with only $12 for each email address per year for the basic professional email address.

ZOHO mail everywhere

Prodigy Web Designs has ensured that you can continue conducting your businesses without even needing to go to the office or have your laptop or desktop with you. We have ensured that ZOHO mails have a native mobile app and mobile email clients that reliable and easy to use at the convenience of your smartphone.

Integration of social media pages

We want our business communication to appear on all our online platforms, but it may be tedious to have every page is updated with the same information. At Prodigy Web Designs, we ensure that the hassle of reblogging or reposting is no more. All your social media pages are integrated, which means that your status will be updated on all your pages at once if you post.

It does not stop there; do you know all our websites come with a free blog? Yes, no need to incur extra costs for a blog. We appreciate that social media has become a core participant in the business world. That is why every website is connected with a blog to enhance your presence on social media.

Prodigy Web Designs builds beautiful personal/blogs and e-commerce websites; we help you throughout the process. We believe you need a website that is both easy to manage and easy to navigate. Make a move today and contact us today to transform you and your business.

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